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what race meetings are on today

Sub9Top10 – Carl Brümmer | Reaching the finish line Sub9

Today “it is all about the ROI/ROO”.. The race ahead. Keeping ahead: how to keep “ahead” of the collaborative/web2.0 revolution? what is a trend? what will.
I won a Umbrella Package for the recent Twilight Meeting last Saturday.... are the first consideration at a race meeting so it was deemed not suitable to race today.. What a great day at the Twilight Christmas Race meeting on Saturday. Click to Play! what race meetings are on today


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Before you join us tonight for our Wednesday support group meeting at 7,. Today was my first time at a meeting... What Racing for Recovery Means To Me
Race 1 - POK FU LAM HANDICAP Wednesday, March 15, 2018, Happy Valley, 19:15. Turf, "B" Course, 1200M, Good Prize Money: $840,000, Rating:60-40,.

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But everyone should also realise that today our attitude to refugees is in. For a Christian it shouldn't matter what race, religion and nationality.
Start; Start Page; Our races. Home; Ski Races. Back; Calendar · Trade fair and meeting place · Opening Hours... Can't find what you're looking for?
Running Races; Ultravasan 90 · Ultravasan 45 · Vasastafetten · Vasakvartetten. Programme; Calendar · Opening Hours · Trade fair and meeting place. About us.
Aspgren racing, speedway.. Today, wednesday, Pontus had a traning session in Avesta.. 2-3 weeks rest is what the doctor orders but Pontus hopes to be back on the bike within 2 weeks.. It was a tight meeting for 10 heats, but in heat 11 Freddie Lindgren and Ricky Wells took an important five-one for.

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Aspgren racing, speedway.. This is what all riders fight for all year long and now they didn't even get the chance to help the club get into the play-offs!. The meeting tonight against Edinburgh was a fairly easy one. It was a.
Aspgren racing, speedway.. Tonight, leg 2 between Poole and Wolverhampton was held at Poole. Poole won 50-43 and went to the. Pontus had an excellent meeting and showed what he's capable of. He rode tough and.
SZUKAJ. POL · Will a debutant be new Nice Racing leader?. After last weak season, Maciej Janowski wants to show the world what he can do. Undoubtedly.
Ämne: Bilder: V8 Supercar race meeting (Western Australia). as they run a split qualifying session system) and also around the pits today.. the other thing could be... what is the zatzy url in your browser? i've added to the.

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Alain LeRoy Locke – Wikipedia

About a year ago Antti Antonov and I started talking about racing ÖtillÖ, the swimrun world championship, what race meetings are on today a team.
Antti is a ÖtillÖ veteran with several podium finishes including a win with Björn Englund some years ago.
I had the opportunity to race ÖtillÖ last year on a short notice with David Svensson when his team mate got injured a few weeks before the race, so I knew what a huge and awesome challenge it is.
So, during winter I added a lot more trail running to the schedule than previous years, I used paddles more in swim sessions and I frequently visualised us racing through the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm.
In May we raced Utö Swimrun together to get to know each other during racing conditions i.
We practised swimming together, we adjusted equipment, scouted the trails and calculated nutrition plans.
We discussed were and how to make the transitions in and out of the water as smooth and fast as possible and the race strategy was set.
Simply put — we were serious about our podium ambition, and thus we put serious effort behind this ambition.
We even tried out the menu at the aidstation at Nämndö Solvik.
My first swimrun what race meetings are on today the inaugural Rockman Swim Run 2018, a race I did with my brother Jacob.
It was extremely beautiful, hard as hell and awesome.
The opportunity to share the joy and the pain with a friend and team partner adds a very valuable dimension to the race experience.
The decision is right for sure, since the virus that found its way to my throat is of an endurance kind… Most athletes who race for a couple of years will sooner or what race meetings are on today experience a DNS due to health issues.
Handling my own disappointments is at least partly a skill you can practice.
But leaving a healthy, fit and super motivated team partner on the shore without the chance to race is a totally different story.
Especially if you know that this race his the last long distance race he has the intention to do.
Now, just to make it clear; Antti never expressed any anger or disappointment.
Of course he wanted to race, but he never put any blame on me.
I can understand that intellectually.
But the challenge is to emotionally handle the feeling of letting someone down.
With less than 40 hours left before race start, Antti finds a new team mate.
The relief I feel in that moment is immense.
Obviously — the upside of racing with a team partner comes with some down sides.
I wish you all healthy happy racing!
Time to get some sleep.
A very nice race with awesome facilities.
As an example: No waiting in line for WC before start — and 900 people racing!
The weeks leading up to Vansbro Triathlon were spent in the USA.
Then a week in New York — with more sightseeing and a bit of shopping… The training during these weeks was reduced to running and gym sessions incl.
The final training session was a wonderful bike session with Lars Rönnberg in Prospect Park.
Special thanks to Lars!
I even turned to breaststroke to be able to breathe properly.
But — still, 27.
Out on the bike I almost immediately find my rhythm.
My bike split is 2.
A kept learn more here eye on my Garmin all the way, and watts and pulse were according to plan.
I keep running, but my Achilles tendons really hurt and the speed declines and at km 8 I even walk for a while.
With a run split of 1.
To boost myself I go back to the ITU European Championship at Powerman Denmark in May and the my AG 2 nd place there, and to the strong race I had in Gothenburg Triathlon just before we went on holiday.
I really wanted to race in Vansbro, but also wanted to go to the US and meet our daughter Hilde and spend a couple of weeks with the family on holiday.
I guess we all have our periods of doubt a regarding our own potential and capabilities.
And sometimes what race meetings are on today thoughts are triggered with really bad timing.
May the force be with us all!
One of my main objectives as an athlete this season is to race the ironman distance in Challenge Roth in July.
Now — everybody understands that finishing an a race over 3.
But I sometimes get the impression that some train too much in their strive for the finish line, and instead they end up injured or simply drained mentally and physically.
This is when I ask myself: Is less then 9 hours training per week enough to finish an Sub9 ironman?
For now — its time to race!
The distance is 10 k run, 60 k bike and another 10 k run.
Wish you all happy training and racing!
To crown this I got my new super road bike handed over from Bike Tyson himself in the sunset.
An Argon 18 Nitrogen Pro the frame is 835 g and so aero!
For a closer look check in this clip And for details go to If you want one — go to Tyson has a Nitrogen 2018 on sale right now… And now the question: My friend and team mate at this years Ö-till-Ö SwimRun World Champs Antti Antonov finished an Ironman sub9 the year he turned 46 2011 and at that very race he became a great source of inspiration for me and my training ever since.
Is there any swedish athlete who finished sub9 in Ironman distance at a higher age?
Or would I become the oldest if I make it at Challenge Roth this summer…?
Just look at these handle bars — and it might be relevant to remind you that this is road bike, and still the bars are far more aero than most TT-bars just a few years ago.
More photos of this beautiful work from and will follow.
Last Wednesday evening I had a really good treadmill session with 6 x 1 what race meetings are on today at 3.
From the treadmill I went straight to the strength training session with squats, curls etc.
The whole training was very inspiring and I could sense that the training is developing the way I want.
On Saturday I aimed for a long distance run session.
Starting out with the ambition to go for 21 k, I repeatedly adjusted my plan.
When the hour was due, I had covered just over 12 k… with an average tempo of 4.
Now, for some this is fast, for others its quite normal and yet others consider it slow.
Today the plan was to cover a 90 min pyramid interval session on the test bike.
The intervals vary from 1 up to 10 minutes and the cadence varies from 60 to 90+.
I try to stay over FTP 290 w for the shorter intervals and allow my self to go 5-20 watts under FTP for the longer intervals.
At the end I push it hard and the last 1 what race meetings are on today interval I was able to stay at 450 w almost the whole way which is very very good for being me.
After the session my Garmin calculated a new VO2 max afterwards 67.
So — yes — I was really happy with how I managed to stay focused and push it all the way.
Focus will then usually be around inspiring goals, key sessions and maybe some nutrition comments.
Before they start taking recovery seriously what race meetings are on today other advice will be relevant if you ask for my opinion.
Below is a picture taking during one of me key sessions to build strength, endurance and motivation for the coming race season.
Looking back at 2018 the victory at ITU World Championship was undoubtedly the achievement that inspires me most.
I hope you either have or will set up an inspiring goal for yourself for 2018.
The power that lies in a well defined inspiring objective is amazing.
Just make sure it is YOUR wish that is captured in your goal.
The race is also the SwimRun World Championships and teams from 26 countries including South Africa, Australia, Mexico, USA, France, Italy, Germany etc will line up for the start early tomorrow morning.
Webcast starts at 5.
I finished 6 th in my age group!
I mean top 10 at the world champs sure is something to be proud of, especially on a day like this when the heat was a true challenge not to mention the bike course!
Cheers on you mate!
They serve non-alcoholic beer at the are online casinos random />So — someone should be proud of you.
And I hope my family is as well.
My wife told me I was the fastest athlete from the whole country today.
How was your race?
And light taper week sessions was out of the question.
So, not surprised, but disappointed.
But already on the swim I felt weak and had a hard time deciding whether to continue or not.
So you had a DNF.
Even though I felt powerless at the bike as well, I managed to pull of a descent ride given the circumstances.
I took my 32GI-gels, added caffein according to my plan and stayed tucked in aero position to get as much speed as possible out of the watts I was able to deliver today.
It was a struggle.
How did you do compared to the others if I may ask?
Actually I also was the fastest guy from my country.
A bit strange I must say, but at the same time I find it interesting and somehow very nice.
I mean, I can allow my self to bee disappointed, and at the same time I can share your joy over the outcome of your race and go home with a nice blend of positive and negative feelings.
read more we have Ö till Ö, the SwimRun World Championships coming up on Monday.
Remember David Svensson called us last week and asked if we were available — and I think we both agreed we were.
Gör sällskap med 38 andra följare.

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